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A Unified Plan

It is no secret; the greater Nashville area is growing fast.  Some say too fast, while others work hard to attract more jobs and investment. What we all agree on is that traffic congestion is getting worse.  More people, more vehicles, and more construction make it a difficult journey for even the most experienced commuter. 

Finding the right solutions is critical to our quality of life.  But what are the right solutions?  What is the right mix of investments that will address your personal challenges with transportation? What are you willing to contribute in order to see a significant improvement?

Now’s the time to act.  Public officials hear you.  They are listening.  And, they have pledged to work together to find common ground.  Share your issues, your ideas, and weigh in on the options.

A Strategy to Improve Access for all Middle Tennesseans
Process & Schedule
Shared Goals of a Unified Plan
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