Current Plan

A Major Update to Middle Tennessee's Unified Transportation Plan is Underway

The current regional transportation plan, entitled "Middle Tennessee Connected" and adopted by area mayors and transportation officials in February 2016, allocates more than $8.5 billion in federal grants and matching funds to transportation priorities across seven counties in Middle Tennessee thru the year 2040.  


A major update is underway. The initial draft is scheduled for release in mid-2020 with adoption scheduled in early 2021. Follow active studies here.


Map of Projects

Review the location of more than 200 proposed improvements scheduled for implementation  between 2016 and 2040


Executive Summary

Highlights from the 2016 Plan

Ch 1


An overview of the document, federal planning requirements, and the plan development and adoption process

Ch 2

Issues and Thinking

A presentation of the regional issues influencing transportation decisions as identified through research and community engagement

Ch 3

Trends and Forecasts

A presentation of population and employment projections and forecasts of the land development and economic trends that influence travel demand

Ch 4

Transportation Infrastructure

A statistical and geographic overview of the current surface transportation networks across the region

Ch 5

Conditions and Performance

Maps and statistical information to illustrate how the transportation system performance is expected to change over the next 25 years  

Ch 6

Vision, Goals, and Strategies

An overview of the long-term vision for a multi-modal transportation system and the core strategies to achieve a desired outcome

Ch 7

Tools and Options

An overview of the tools options available for improving mobility including  options for access management and managed lanes

Ch 8

Planned Investments & Funding

A presentation of anticipated revenue levels and a process to prioritize candidate projects for limited funding

Ch 9

Implementation and Monitoring

An overview of the project development process and methods to monitor the performance of scheduled investments


Technical Appendices

A list of proposed improvements and the supporting documentation related to the process to develop the plan